Cyber Crisis Leadership Performance Analysis

OBJECTIVE: Evaluates the capabilities of the cyber crisis response team against a proprietary baseline of performance criteria. These services can be delivered during an active crisis or during cyber war game exercises.

Evaluate performance across the crisis phases using a variety of behavioral and physiological (e.g. Galvanic Skin Response sensors, eye movement, heart rate) methods

Assess leaders' display of competence through sense-making and perspective-taking activities

Measure the ability to engage in effective decision making, risk taking, and communication

Determine leaders' ability to demonstrate resiliency and promote a resilient mind-set

Incident Response/Cyber Crisis Plan Gap Analysis

OBJECTIVE: Review an organization's current incident response or cyber crisis response plan against our best practices standard.  No on-site visits required.

Holistic evaluation of the plan's structure and usability

Line-by-line assessment of the plan's content to determine the value and utility of the information

Detailed mapping of the current plan's gaps to a ideal state plan framework

Actionable recommendations on how to optimize the current plan to increase its value