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Smart organizations understand the need and value associated with proactively investing the time and money to develop a Cyber Crisis Management Plan and prepare leadership for the inevitable. These organizations realize that remaining resilient takes far more than a savvy information technology organization. Sure, the attack may be founded in technology but the ramifications extend across the organization. As such, it takes careful planning, coordination, collaboration, and effective leaders in order to successfully manage a major cyber incident.

We wrote the book on using a holistic, cross-organizational approach to managing a major cyber crisis.  We have perfected the step-by-step process of developing a cyber crisis management plan and preparing leadership that is customized to meet the unique demands of public and private organizations of all shapes and sizes from the United Arab Emirates to Malaysia and the United States.

"In preparing or planning for a crisis, the ability to be organizationally agile is critical because although a crisis event may initially affect one aspect of the business, ultimately the entire organization, including its reputation, may be at stake."

Lynn Perry Wooten & Erika Hayes James

Linking Crisis Management and Leadership Competencies

Cyber Crisis Leadership:

An Executive Education Primer Series

Cyber Crisis Leader Cyber Battlefield
Crisis Response Journal

Creating Leaders on the Cyber Battlefield

Words: 1239

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

Published in the Crisis Response Journal
What leadership skills and qualities are needed when dealing with a cyber incident?
Jeffrey Crump explores practical ways to conduct effective and comprehensive cyber
crisis management training. Much has been written regarding decision-making during a crisis. However, very little has been published on the different influences and thought processes that affect crisis decision-making.  More...

Cyber Crisis Leadership Decision Making

Cyber Crisis Leadership: Decision Making

Words: 653

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Punching Above Your Weight Class
In the boxing world, punching above your weight class refers to fighting an opponent larger than yourself.  Much like in a boxing ring, going toe-to-toe against unknown, unpredictable and ever-changing conditions common during a cyber crisis requires making good decisions quickly. Slow decisions, often as a result of analysis paralysis, can increase damage to the organization and result in a crushing right hook to your professional reputation. More...

Cyber Crisis Leadership Sounding the Ala

Cyber Crisis Leadership: Sounding the Alarm

Words: 659

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

The Red Button
Few events in a crisis leader’s professional career will so clearly bring back childhood memories of the Aesop Fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which teaches us the consequences of repeatedly sounding a false alarm. As an expert on the organization’s CCMP, a cyber crisis leader has great appreciation for the activities and visibility caused by pressing the alarm button. A cyber crisis leader should also have an appreciation for the business and professional ramifications if you incorrectly choose not to press the alarm button. More...


In today's litigious environment, customers, shareholders, and regulators are primed to dissect an organization's readiness to manage a cyber crisis following a high severity incident.

One aspect of an organization's due care that may come under scrutiny is the plan used to manage the cyber crisis and the steps taken by leadership to prepare.

How exposed are you? Our Rapid Gap Analysis can help an organization determine how well their plan measures up against our exclusive best practices framework. Get your Cyber Crisis Management Plan Audit today!

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