Cyber Crisis Management Planning

How to reduce cyber risk and increase organizational resilience

"In preparing or planning for a crisis, the ability to be organizationally agile is critical because although a crisis event may initially affect one aspect of the business, ultimately the entire organization, including its reputation, may be at stake."

Lynn Perry Wooten & Erika Hayes James

Linking Crisis Management and Leadership Competencies

Smart organizations understand the need and value associated with proactively investing the time and money to develop a Cyber Crisis Management Plan. These organizations realize that remaining resilient takes far more than a savvy information technology organization. Sure, the attack may be founded in technology but the ramifications extend across the organization. As such, it takes careful planning, coordination and collaboration in order to successfully manage a major cyber incident.

We wrote the book on using a holistic, cross-organizational approach to managing a major cyber crisis.  We have perfected the step-by-step process of developing a cyber crisis management plan that is customized to meet the unique demands of public and private organizations of all shapes and sizes from the United Arab Emirates to Malaysia and the United States.

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